Jack Lister [b. 1991] is an artist and musician whose studied music and music technology throughout his entire academic life, and works primarily with generative and chance-based processes. Recent projects have focused on incorporating our natural world with the digital, by looking at how water can be used as an input medium for generative music.

Such processes require the use of creative coding skills to implement algorithms and signal processing as well as crafting skills utilised in the construction of physical devices. Recent projects such as Flood the Box aim to coalesce these domains into fully standalone instruments – uniting digital sound and control with tangible, water-based user interfaces.


As an artist I make things in different formats, but they are generally for the creation or control of sound. I build both software and hardware instruments, the latter often including water. Together these form an investigative practice on generative music that in turn, informs a wider scope of study on the democratisation of music. How can the production of music be condensed into a process of minimal input for maximum variety, and how can this be inclusive of everyone irrespective of existing musical skill?

My background is in experimental and electronic music. I utilise experimentation and play as part of my instrument making process, and try to reduce reliance on pre-existing instrumental concepts. These instruments often include a visual representation of the sound generating process. Sound works centre around variations on a theme or pattern, and involve improvisation, repetition and phasing; uniting synthetic sounds with electro-acoustic timbres and textures. Live performances are generally improvised, and this improvisation extends into the DIY/maker ethos.

Leading workshop environments allows for the sharing of ideas and further development of new and exciting instruments. For more information please contact JackLister@gmail.com.

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