The Lemur Fretboard Sequencer (LFS) is a template for the Lemur OSC app available for iOS and Android devices. Notes are 'drawn' onto the fretboard and 'strummed' by moving the yellow bar to the right of the central grid.

  • 6 strings - each freely tuneable 5 +/- semitones (default EADGBe)

  • Note Length & Velocity can be controlled via the device accelerometer (if present) or an XY pad

  • Slide-barre allows for either top or bottom sets of strings to move in unison (for drop tunings)

  • Strumming can operate in Pick (monophonic) or Fingerpick (paraphonic) mode

  • Macro knobs for assigning to VSTi/Au/etc

  • Built-in scales - never hit a bum note!

LFS is available to download for free. Requires Lemur and Pure Data.

LFS: Lemur Fretboard Sequencer

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