Melty is a polyphonic semi-modular subtractive synthesiser for Pure Data. With the 'indeterminate' switch engaged, the current settings melt away and a new series of sounds are generated.

Melty was conceived as a way of quickly generating timbral variations of a single 16-step sequence.

  • Three fixed-waveform oscillators [Saw/Square/Sine]

  • Frequency Modulation & Amplitude Modulation

  • High-Pass -> Resonant Band-Pass -> Low-Pass filter architecture

  • 5 user-drawable tables can be freely assigned to modulate most parameters

  • A 16-step sequencer (featuring controls for Pitch, Velocity and Duration) allows for note input.

  • 8-voice polyphony [for long attack/release times]

Melty is available to download for free. Please click the button below.

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